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Brentwood Borough School District - Threat Assessment Team
Threat Assessment
In accordance with Act 18 of 2019, the Brentwood Borough School District has established a Threat Assessment Team for the 2021/2022 school year. The team is responsible for the assessment of and intervention with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, school facilities, the community or others. The Threat Assessment Team will also be responsible for providing training, education, and information to members of their school communities. The core team will be comprised by Jeremy Bogdanski- Director of School Police and Security, Alyssa Bogdanski- School Police Officer, James Cassell- Assistant Middle/High School Principal, Dr. Bonnie Betler- Moore Principal, Dr. Barbara Pagan- Elroy Principal, Terri Kauric- Elementary Counselor, Whitney Reynolds- Middle School Counselor, and Linda Capozzoli- High School Counselor.