Board Policies

Board Policies

Please click on the link below to view the Brentwood Borough School District's active policies:
Once the website loads - click on the "Policies" tab in the upper right hand corner. 

Policies Under Review

Listed below are policies currently under review or being revised.  The "Revised" date on the policy is when the Board plans to adopt the policy.
Public comments may be addressed in writing to:  Board President, Brentwood Board of School Directors, 3601 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15227.

Printed copies of these policies are available at each school office, in the Brentwood Public Library, and the Superintendent's office.

U.S. Department of Education - News and Updates

PSBA Policy Notification

PSBA Policy Notification

Section 510.2.  Publication of Rules, Regulations and Policies.--The board of school directors of a school district shall post on its publicly accessible Internet website the following rules, regulations and policies to the extent that they are required to be adopted by the school district under Federal or State law:

(1)  The following relating to students:

Policy Section 200
(i)  Admission of beginners.
(ii)  Attendance, excusals and truancy.
(iii)  Withdrawal from school.
(iv)  Student discipline.
(v)  Suspension and expulsion of students.
(vi)  Searches.

Policy Section 800
(vii)  Audio interception on school buses or school vehicles for disciplinary or security persons.
(viii)  Retention, maintenance and access to student records.

Policy Section 200
(ix)  Use of personal electronic devices.
(x)  Dress and grooming.
(xi)  Student complaint process.
(xii)  Parent appeal of a school district's placement of twins or multiple birth siblings.

Policy Section 100
(xiii)  Participation by home school students in school district extracurricular activities.

(2)  The following relating to educational programs:

Policy Section 100
(i)  Curriculum review by parents and students.

Policy Section 200
(ii)  Promotion and retention.
(iii)  Graduation requirements.

(3)  The following relating to student health:
(i)  Communicable diseases and immunization.

Policy Section 200
(ii)  Health examinations and screenings.
(iii)  Student use of medications.
(iv)  The school district's wellness policy.

(4)  The following relating to school property:

Policy Section 700
(i)  Use of school property and facilities.
(ii)  School visitation policies.
(iii)  Integrated pest management plan.

(5)  The following relating to community:

Policy Section 900
(i)  Public participation in school board meetings.
(ii)  Public attendance at school events.
(iii)  Parental involvement policy for parents and guardians of students participating pursuant to section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (Public Law 89-10, 20 U.S.C § 6318).
(iv)  Public access to and use of school district buildings, facilities and grounds.
(v)  Public complaint process
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